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What is Pornhub Premium?

Pornhub Premium is like Pornhub you know and love but way better and you get one free week to test it out! We offer exclusive content on thousands of Japanese scenes. The difference with other Japanese sites is we offer a much larger amount of content for around 1000 yen!

Is it secure and discreet? Security and Anonymity

No mention of Pornhub or porn at all in your credit card bill. We use the best 3rd party biller for adult content, Probiller. The charge will show up as something discreet on your credit card bill which does not make mention of Pornhub.

Steps for signup?

It's very easy!
1. Click on Sign Up now on the page.
2. Input your Username, password and email then "Start Your Free Week Now!" button.
3. Once on the payment page, input your payment information and click on "Complete Authorization"

Can I cancel anytime? How can I contact support to cancel or for help with my account? super easy cancellation process

You can cancel ANYTIME. It's super easy . Head over to for instructions and links to get in touch with our support by phone, chat or online form. Cancellation is super easy and help is always available. We also always enjoy feedback to make the service better.

How much is it?

It's 9.99 a month with no catch. Try it out with a free trial beforehand to see if it's for you, but trust us it is. It's very easy to cancel at any time and you get access to 24/7 live customer support. We're not interested in burdening you with hidden fees or annoying procedures. We're going for high value and an all - around enjoyable experience.

What features do I get?

No ads. So nothing distracts you while you're trying to enjoy the main event . No popups, no side ads . Better quality . Any video that is available to stream in 1080p will have that option and we are also encoding our 720p at higher bitrates . Faster Streaming . We are already pretty damn fast on Pornhub but Premium means lightning speed, flawless playback . DVDs . Pick from a huge selection 30K + of full - length titles . Badges . For those that appreciate the quirks of our community achievements, Premium unlocks all new levels .

What extra content do I get?

In addition to the millions of videos already on Pornhub, you get access to 100K + Premium videos, with more being added to the video library every day. A lot of this content is organized into DVDs. This is all full length and high quality. It doesn't mean everything is 720p+ because some of it is older content but the majority is 720p+. The top shelf stuff comes from content partners like Dreamroom, Japanese Bukkake Orgy, Hentai XXX, Brazzers, Mofos, Digital Playground, Backroom Casting Couch, Girls do Porn, Net Video Girls, and lots more.

Can I download videos?

You can download almost all of the Premium content however, some of our top tier partners like Brazzers and Mofos have disabled downloads due to the licensing agreement we have with them.
We're always working on awesome news ways to make Premium even better. We recently launched our very own Roku channel and also now have VR content available for your enjoyment. We are currently working on integrating Premium into our Android app, which should roll out later this summer.

Is there gay premium content?

Pornhubpremium Gay is now available on the site with exclusive content. There are several hundred gay videos right now but we'll have lots more of awesome gay content for you guys.